From pumpkin to pecan to cherry to apple, Thanksgiving definitely is just not finish with no pie. Although it is really very best to enjoy a slice (or three) immediately after meal, you could have some left in excess of. So, can you freeze pie to take pleasure in later? Well, the remedy is certainly and no, dependent on what kind of pie it is. There are a couple of situations when you can freeze the beloved dessert for afterwards and other people when you surely really should send containers dwelling with friends to delight in ASAP.

1. Try to eat the Dairy Pies Proper Absent

If your pie has a custard, cream, or mousse filling, try to eat it as soon as you can. Product-centered pies have a tendency to independent with time and never hold up properly in the freezer. If you have to prioritize ingesting some thing first, go for the dairy!

2. Pecan, Pumpkin, and Most Pies with Eggs will Past a Little While

These pie flavors can be frozen for about a month (or two if you really want to extend it). Even so, if you freeze these for much more than a month, the textures won’t really be the very same (thawed out pumpkin pie may have the regularity of cereal remaining in milk for also extended). It really is the egg and humidity, so it can be greatest to freeze these for just a couple of weeks if you will have to.

3. Fruit Pies are Basically Invincible

You can obtain frozen fruit in bulk all yr-round, and it really is due to the fact fruit freezes so very well that tends to make these pies the most sturdy. Strawberry, apple, blueberry, or seriously regardless of what fruit you can believe of does effectively when frozen. These pies can previous in the freezer for four months and after thawed out, can have a practically perfect style with 30 minutes in the oven!

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