Cats are very strange creatures. As an individual who owns five 4-legged friends, I can attest to the fact that they eat the most random things. Some cats adore shrimp, other people consume the dog meals, but one particular feline named Cowboy had the gall to go after his owner’s tortillas whilst she was in the rest room. The female, a veterinary ICU nurse, stated particularly what went down in a now-viral tweet, composing: “I remaining the groceries for One particular Moment so I could pee and he took a chunk out of each single tortilla. I despise him I hate him I loathe him I loathe him.”

As a veterinary ICU nurse, she need to know how actually preposterous cats can be, but in some cases pets, particularly cats, just require a great previous-fashioned shaming. Talk about a naughty boy!

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