Cheese exists at the heart of some of the most delicious home made dishes — pizzas, casseroles, cheesecakes, and the supreme convenience foodstuff, macaroni and cheese. Having said that, if you are someone who likes to stock up on cheese during grocery income or can resist having (probably way) far too a lot of varieties of cheese to have choices, you might have wondered ahead of if cheese can be frozen and preserved for more time than its expiration date. Fortunately, in accordance to Katie Heil, CP-FS, a qualified qualified in food stuff security at StateFoodSafety, the answer is indeed, you can freeze these tasty wedges. The dilemma is ought to you?

“Although cheese typically retains very best in the refrigerator, you can freeze it if you choose,” says Heil. “Storing cheese at °F or reduce will protect against microbial advancement and maintain it secure for up to six months. Nevertheless, freezing can have an impact on the quality of the cheese.” Not all cheeses will freeze the very same, as it all is dependent on how much dampness every cheese retains. “When you freeze food stuff, you might be truly freezing the dampness within the food stuff,” suggests Heil. “As the h2o in meals freezes, it expands and the ice crystals rupture the food’s mobile walls. That is why foods receives softer after being frozen and thawed.”

Tough cheeses, like Swiss and cheddar, really should freeze perfectly, but might be extra crumbly on thawing. Some gentle cheeses, these kinds of as Brie, also are likely to freeze very well and sustain their top quality. Even so, the softest cheeses, this kind of as cream cheese, cottage cheese, and ricotta cheese, are a different tale. “They include so substantially humidity, they could possibly glimpse a lot more like mush than cheese immediately after thawing,” claims Heil adding that if you do make a decision to freeze cheese, you ought to do so in a sealed, airtight containers that every make 1-pound to 1-½-servings. How accurately really should you thaw it? Uncomplicated! Just transfer it in excess of to the refrigerator until it is soft and back to as shut to its pre-frozen consistency as achievable.

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